Bees and Bacteria in Art Making – KI Culture

title: Bees and Bacteria in Art Making; editor: KI Culture ; author: Valentina Bianchi; distribution: KI Culture –

AnneMarie Maes is a renowned Belgian artist, particularly involved in art/science projects, often participating in fruitful collaborations between scientists and artists, but also with more unusual co-creators such as bees, bacteria, and algae. AnneMarie welcomed us in her Brussels home and showed us her marvelous urban garden, a beacon of lush biodiversity in the middle of the city. We talked about her experience with cultural institutions and the general public in relation to environmentalism and her daring hybridization of techniques, her groundbreaking work with communities (human and non-human ones), and the effectiveness of art as a teaching tool.
___ interview by Valentina Bianchi