Open Systems Exploration for Ecosystems Leveraging – paper, 2016

authors: CS-DC e-laboratory members (Masatoshi Funabashi, Peter Hanappe, Takashi Isozaki, AnneMarie Maes, Takahiro Sasaki, Kaoru Yoshida) title: Open Systems Exploration for Ecosystems Leveraging, article for CS-DC e-laboratory, Springer publication

Abstract. We established a Complex Systems Digital Campus e-laboratory “Open Systems Exploration for Ecosystems Leveraging” in view of re- designing sustainable social-ecological systems related to food produc- tion ranging in food, health, community, economy, and environment. 6 initial projects have been set up, namely Synecoculture, P2P Food Lab, Open Systems Data Analytics, The Bee Laboratory, Open Systems Sim- ulation and One-Health Food Lab. As a transversal methodology we apply open systems science to deepen scientific understanding and for better management. The projects involve scientists, engineers, artists, citizens and are accessible for open collaboration inside and outside of the e-laboratory. This article summarizes foundational principles of these projects and reports initial steps in operation.

Download the paper: CSDC2015e-lab-9