Ecovention. Art to transform ecologies 1957-2017 – publication, 2017

editors: Sue Spaid; authors: Sue Spaid; title: Ecovention Europe. Art to transform ecologies 1957-2017; distribution: Museum De Domeinen, Sittard; ISBN: 9-789075-883565

This section introduces ecoventions as a subset of land art, presents
a succinct chronology of the past 60 years of ecological events in Europe and describes the global art scene that inspired the 2002 exhi- bition “Ecovention: Current Art to Transform Ecologies,” as well as what transpired afterwards.
In the nineties, avant-garde art practices such as social sculpture, novel technologies, gardening, and participatory art, which were originally adopted by artists eager to coordinate and carry out ecoventions in the seventies and eighties, became acceptable as art practices on their own, no longer the means to an end. Themes arising in this section include artistic strategies, “esthetic services,” and utopic proposals.

by Sue Spaid