growing food for the hungry city

Growing Food for the Hungry City is an OpenGreens project that researches the possibilities of Urban Agriculture and the green role of the future city. How do contemporary cities deal with the food security? What is the motivation of the do-ers, the collectives of citizens? How do they organize the green temporary zones, autonomous and bottom up? Do these sustainable cities trive on new food politics, supported by a democratic and eco-minded community engagement?
This project researches the thread of Cpuls – continuous productive urban landscapes – along the canal, connected by the colonies of city honeybees.

japanese early and olive tomatoes Goji berry and fern leaf tomato Vicia faba and Pisum sativum beaver dam paprika and aubergines beaver dam paprika and aubergines
black prince tomatoes and Crambe maritima hungarian wax chilli peppers and nasturtium Tropaeolum majus - nasturtium sowing kit first seeds sown
Tropaeolum majus - nasturtium Tropaeolum majus - nasturtium first seeds sown
Echinacea - zonnehoed seedlings Solanum lycopersicum - tomato Black Prince Vicia faba - tuinboon Echinops ritro - Kogeldistel