splinterfields: on electromagnetism, psychogeophysics and urban beekeeping

Workshop on electromagnetic arts. Interference-free Foraging Mobility in Brussels.

Results of December 12th walk (5 walkers, 5 devices) in the garden of okno (Again wide band high frequency intensity).

Electromagnetic fields can have adverse effects on living organisms – honeybees are especially sensitive.
Although urban environments provide beneficial habitats for bee colonies, the electromagnetic field concentrations can disturb the bees’ orientation and communication capabilities. To assist city bees with this issue, participants can work on an interference free foraging map.

workshop organised by foam,
december 10,11,12 – 2010 at foam, Koolmijnenkaai 30 – 1080 Brussels

some EMF – audiowalks, recorded by Alejo Duque during the workshop:
BeexlsEMF by planktum