summer school in Kravín, Czech Republic

august 23 – 25
Double barrel heating
How to make a double-barrel stove, suitable for heating bigger spaces in an ecological way? The results will be presented during the weekend beekeeping event, especially when it is cold in the evening.
august 26 – 28
Creating beehives, inspired by traditional construction designs and sustainable and bee-friendly principles. With the participation of local as well as international beekeepers, artisans and artists. We will construct the Leaf Hive, invented in 1789 by François Huber, a TopBar Hive and a Warré Hive.

additional program
Friday August 27th screening of the bee movies
Saturday August 28th concert by Double Barrel Band with combustion and bee music set
Sunday August 29th visiting the local beekeepers and the exhibition From nectar to Honey at the Museum of the Czech countryside, Chateau Kacina
The additional program includes also the walks in the woods with the mushroom hunter, and a continuing discussion on apiculture, bee art and ecological culture, tasting of honey etc.