TIK – summer workshops in Kravín – cz

The Summer Workshops Kravín take place in a rural environment, at the edge of the small village Hranice u Malce, in the Vysocina region of the Czech Republic.
The dates – August 24 – 29. (Closing party on Saturday 28th).
The activities will twist around the several main themes: beekeeping / wind clocks / radio art / + agri-kultura.

In the beekeeping workshop, Annemie Maes will talk about new artistic approaches towards beekeeping and her experiences with the citz beehives. The apiarists from Vysocina from the Czech Beekeepers Union (Cesky svaz vcelaru – see http://www.beekeeping.cz/) will talk about their experiences. We plan to visit the nearby beekeeping educational center in Nasavrky village, with the arboretum (http://www.souvnasavrky.cz/). Hopefuly some of the numerous local beekeepers will also come.

With Gert Aertsen, Marcio Domingues, Hannes Hoelzl, Gívan Belá, Michal Kindernay and others you can invent ecological time with wind clocks in an open air workshop. The idea is to construct a series of simple wind mills – clocks in the surroundings of Kravín.
Amplion: together with Czech artist Johana Svarcova you can work on a radio play, which will hopefully go on air in the village radios.

In the evenings, we plan to have discussions, screenings, concerts, artistic presentations within an agri-cultural context. Also Diafilm Sound Robots by Barbara Huber, a selection of Hungarian movies curated by Livia Roszas, Kravin movie by Viola Jezkova, concert by the band from Brno, Hugo a Zoe. And the local country Bago band for the opening.

More information here: http://yo-yo-yo.org/summer_workshops_kravin.html.