TIK/ time inventors’ kabinet preparation week

Prelude to another time
Online 25-26-27 April 2010.

Soon OKNO, ESC and COL-ME will start a 2-year long project called Time Inventors’ Kabinet. The idea is to rethink the way we are perceiving time, relate it to ecological concepts, and see what the impact could be on creating media art works. For more information, please read below the “Introduction to the “Time Inventors’ Kabinet” [TIK]”.

The online sessions on 25-26-27 April are a starting point. These days, we will try to work out some ideas, using simple tools like a wiki and a chat server. We will try to generate some basic textual material together for developing collaborative works based on the idea of Wind Clocks, ecology and time.
For more information: http://timeinventorskabinet.org/wiki/doku.php

Each session introduces a couple of subjects we can discuss and write out together. Just to see what the creative interests could be and to link them to relevant existing resources and documentation. We hope to come to already some preliminary ideas, that can be further developed within the future TIK Project workshops.

Participation is possible either from OKNO’s space in Brussels (see http://okno.be/node/194), from home, or anywhere else with internet access. We encourage not to work alone, but to invite other interested artists as to encourage collective creativity.

The program wants to:
a. start a discussion, based on the collected resources and ideas
b. collect creative approaches towards these shared resources and ideas
c. form some small groups of people working the coming months on some works together, if possible

The schedule:
Sunday 25 April = Painting a background
1 [3pm] TIK Project content overview, building windclocks and other ideas
2 [7pm] Materials for an ecological media art: ecology, art and nature, sciences
(from anthropology, sociology, philosophy, physics, biology, astronomy, …)
Monday 26 April = Writing art
1 [3pm] Ideas about time and its historical/natural development
2 [7pm] Creative ideas by the participating artists, and about how to continue together
Tuesday 27 April = TIK starter…
1 [3pm] Practical calendar and ideas first 3-mester, overview project activities
2 [7pm] Discussion with the project partners and participating artists