TIK – time inventors’ kabinet : launch days brussels

… TIK is a project, an interest into ecology and media art, a collaborative experiment with time … taking an ecological approach to observing patterns in time and time control systems … the creative tools we build to generate new audio and visual artworks … a ‘horloge a vent’, an imaginary time keeping device regulated by the irregular movement of the wind …

Build your own Wind Clock in our fresh air and connected Open Green testing grounds!

*Wind Clocks* or the Time Inventors
A new ecological time concept for enjoying creativity, brought by an international group of experimental artists, gardeners, engineers, bricoleurs, managers, organizers, documentarists, writers, musicians, but mostly new 21st century style inventors with non-conventional minds. United they bring you manuals and advice, experience and ideas, about how to make your own windclock and share your data over the networks for the benefit of everyone.

*Connected Open Greens* or the Kabinet
The Kabinet, which stands for all-weather-conditioned city gardens, abandoned agricultural and industrial spaces, or miniature parks on your balconies and window sills. Come and see how you can expand your creative space by participating in an artistic network and playground for letting your creativity run wild. Ecologies are interactions between organisms and their environment.

*Development Labs and Local Distributors*
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Croatia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovakia, etc…
Call us for distributors outside Europe!

Soon coming near to you:
Free conferences, publications, talks, workshops, performances, installations, new and subversive aesthetics.
Check the program and agenda at http://timeinventorskabinet.org/
Collect the logos and win a free Wind Clock or Foldable Open Green!

TIK launch days Brussels at Ateliers Claus
Rue Crickxstraat 10
1060 Brussels
wednesday 14, thursday 15, friday 16th of july 2010.
You can check the final program here.