thoughts – jasna dimitrovska

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skype-interview with Jasna Dimitrovska, as part of the Politics of Change project.
streaming movie — 11:07   // free art license CIK.

Hi, my name is Jasna. I studied World literature in Skopje. I’m Macedonian, In my free time I’m a street artists and an activist.
I like to think of myself as an engaged artist, that’s why I choose the street as my exhibiting space.
I think art and technology and activism are all interconnected, so I like to realize my goals with whatever tool I can use, no borders!
Basically I never sign my art on the streets. Signing would become some sort of territorial pissing. Street art is more aiming at transforming contextual situations into a defined architecture.
Feminist & gender theory, postcolonial theory, activism, art… are my most important influences. The challenge of being a women today is no less than to invent a new language. To learn how to speak, not to speak only against but outside of the phalocentric structure, to make a new discourse.
I love workshopformats because of the (unexpected ??) participants I meet and the experience to learn something new. I think that internet is a very powerful tool for education too.
An ecological approach is very important to me. I have adopted a vegetarian diet, eat mainly organic food from the local markets, I rationalize water use, use a bike and public transport, recycle paper, clothes and I love the DIY ethics.
The mobility restriction that I have as a citizen of my country, is one obstacle that actually keeps me from pursuing my interests. I’t s totally paranoid, xenophobic, discriminating and shameful to have to go through so much bureaucracy to be able to go somewhere in Eu.