SHARED GARDENS: a proposition

Title: Connected Open Greens, elements of a garden; year: 2020; materials: different stages of building a garden: from (soil) bacteria to the production of organic materials made from plants, fruits or other. Dimensions variable. Workshops can be part of the artwork.

A project developed for SHARED GARDENS, an exhibition at Magasins Généraux, from June 27 to September 13, in Paris at Pantin on the banks of Ourcq Canal. Focusing on the ecological and social transition, it is aimed at rethinking our ways of living together and our relationship with the environment, starting on a local scale. It combines an exhibition of artists’ gardens with an open-air festival, a colloquium and the publication of a book. At the heart of this third season, the “Shared Gardens” exhibition invites about 15 international artists, landscape designers, architects, designers and chefs – to create, activate or reinterpret an urban garden. These creative gardens will be presented at Magasins généraux and in public spaces around the building and along Ourcq Canal. Designed and organized with the participation of local communities and visitors, they will be displayed permanently or reused after the exhibition wherever possible.