ACUARIO con Acetobacter xylinum (installation, 2023)

Title: Acuario con Acetobacter xylinum; year: 2023; materials: fermentation in process, bacteria and yeast in black tea medium, sugar, vinegar, glass container; dimensions: 99cm x 50cm x 30cm

In a large aquarium, a fermentation process is taking place. The generative process is in a constant state of transition. The creation of the Sensorial Skin reacts to variable invisible factors as temperature, humidity and the local enzymes in the water and the air. Every newly grown Sensorial Skin is thus the unique result of the specific site were it is grown, with its own metabolism and aesthetic specificities.

Installation view exhibition ‘Second Nature, 10N Menorca, July 2023

Acuario con Acetobacter xylinum, 2023 (work in process, unique, 99cm x 50cm x 30cm)
Triptique of Sensorial Skins, 2023 (Earl Grey, Hibiscus, Gunpowder – each ± 75cm x 75cm)