Title: ALIEN INTELLIGENCE II, 25 lightboxes 26cm x 26cm x 10cm, year start: 2018; techniques: SEM microgrpahs, B/W prints of honeybee parts and pollen on duratrans – 26cm x 26cm; microbial cellulose grown by Acetobacter xylinum bacteria and yeast cells and coloured with vegetal dyes, 26cm x 26cm; materials: brushed steel, translucent and transparent plexiglass, led-lights.

The work consists of a series of SEM (Scanning Electron Micrographs) printed on Duratrans and presented in lightboxes. The black/white micrographs are mixed with lightboxes in which I present colourful microbial cellulose skins (cellulose fabrics made by bacteria and colored by vegetal dyes).
The Alien Intelligence II presentation focuses on my actual artistic research, in which I study the collaboration between honeybees, bacteria and the urban environment.
The photos (SEM, b/w) are parts from dissected honeybees that are magnified with the SEM microscope (wings, tongue, eye, fur hairs, …) and SEM photos of pollen grains (mint, courgette, sunflower, borage, …) that were harvested by the bees in my Urban Bee Lab.
The cellolose fabrics that are grown by the bacteria, are coloured with vegetal dyes coming from the same plants/flowers as on which the honeybees were foraging.

Alien Intelligence II – composition with 20 lightboxes, 138cm x 112cm