BEES, MONITORING – 3 channel video installation

name: the Transparent Beehive videos, year start: 2012-may, year end: 2013-april, techniques: honey bee colony, 2 webcams, 2 temperature sensors, 1 humidity sensor, 1 Co2 sensor, 1 combined temperature/humidity sensor outside

3 channel video installation representing the monitoring of the Transparent Beehive from beginning of may 2012 to the end of april 2013. The Transparent Beehive was set up in the Drying Room, the laboratory connecting to the okno rooftop garden in the center of Brussels. The fragments in the videos were filmed over the time of the season on regular intervals. Click the images to play the 3 videos together.

If the videos don’t load due to an unstable connection, yopu can watch them separately in the pandora video database:
Bee Monitoring, channel 1
Bee Monitoring, channel 2
Bee Monitoring, channel 3

The videos ‘Bee Monitoring, 3 videos’ were presented
– as part of the Scientific Inquiries exhibition in Istanbul at Koç University, from 7 november to 7 december 2013.