BEES, WEBCAM 24hours and BEES, TRAIL – timelapse video installation

name: bees – webcam 365 days, year start: 2011-may, year end: 2012-april, techniques: honey bee colony, 2 webcams, 2 temperature sensors, 1 humidity sensor, 1 Co2 sensor, 1 combined temperature/humidity sensor outside

The videos bees-webcam 24hours and bees-trail are generally presented in a 3 channel video installation together with the bees-webcam 365days video. All 3 videos give an artistic survey of working with an observation beehive. The beehive is enhanced with different sensors and with 2 webcams inside.
The video bee-trail renders the timelapse in the beehive by showing the trail of honeybees over a combframe. The moment that the hive is opened and that the sunlight gets in, we see an explosion of activity as all bees move together towards the light source.
In the video bees-webcam 24hours a timeslice of 24 hours -starting at 00:00 midnight and ending at 23:59 midnight the next day- is compressed into a video of 5 hours. We see the bees running throug the transparent tube which is connecting the hive to the outside world. The bee-activity increases with the sunlight and is at its pinnacle at noon. After 3pm the activity slowly decreases to stop completely with the falling of the night.

If the videos take too long to load, or if there is an unstable internet connection, you can watch the videos in the video database pandora.
Bees 24 hours, timelapse video
Bee Trail explosion, timelapse video

bees – webcam 24hours
bees – trail explosion

The ‘webcam 24 hours’ and ‘The Trail’ videos were presented
– as part of the Scientific Inquiries exhibition in Istanbul at Koç University, from 7 november to 7 december 2013.
– as part of the Time Inventors’ Kabinet [TIK] festival at OKNO in Brussels, april 2012