name: Black Circle – White Circle – Original Skin, 3 sculptures (40cm x 34cm x15cm), year start: 2016, year end: 2016, techniques: Sensorial Skins (micro-organisms), lightbox, dimensions: depend on quantity of lightboxes in the installation

The Skins are experiments in developing new materials for making sculptures. They are a surface for encounter between the several vegetal and bacterial materials and site for experimentation. A place where material and patterns change into meaning, a tactile experiment that offers an entry to explore touch and feel, and that studies the specific qualities of each component.
Biomimesis is used as a starting point for incubating ecological thinking on matter and form. Different sensorial qualities of SKIN will be examined in terms of usefulness for sensing environmental threaths and for monitoring the wellbeing of the bee colonies.
It starts at experimenting with raw materials (vegetal or bacterial, growth medium) to create thin membranes and surfaces grown by plants or by a symbiotic community of bacteries and yeast cells.

IMG_3971_vert IMG_3977_vert IMG_3983_vert.

Series of 3 lightboxes: the Original Skin, Black Circle, White Circle