name: Collection, accrochage, year start: 2016, year end: 2016, techniques: micro-organisms, bacteria and yeast cells, 3D prints in ABS and ceramic, wax sculptures, paper works, honey batteries, dimensions: variable

An accrochage of objects forthcoming from New Materialism. A synthesis of natural phenomena. A weird collection of objects. Experiments with digital and organic components, nature inspired algorithms (e.g. neural networks and deep learning), micro-organisms as a basis for computation and built-in efficiency of natural processes. The purpose is to make an artistic indicator of the biological condition of the foraging areas, via plant & pollen parts and other constituents.

1 – eucalyptus seedpod, 3D print – ceramic
2 – hexagons composition – wax, 3D printed wood, 3D printed polyamide, 3D printed resin
3 – overview installation Sensorial Skin (Detail)
4 – moebius, 3D printed resin and wax construction by honeybees
5 – ball, round object clad with microbial skin
6 – skinny, vibrant matter
7 – the ambition of the territory, paper by bees
8 – N|S|E|W – wax sculpture
9 – defilibrator for dying honeybees and archimedean solid deconstructed