CONNECTED OPENGREENS – online database project

name: the Connected OpenGreens, database, year start: 2012, year end: ongoing, collaborators: annemie maes, danielle roberts, balthazar de tonnac, techniques: public art project, database, public participation

Can the gardens’ evolution be controlled, generated, enhanced or imagined in artworks? Does the fusion of natural and artificial matter produce new organisms, new environments, new forms of nature? Can technology animate nature and vice versa?
The Open Green is an artificial environment, a hybrid of nature and culture. The harvest is about scraping data of any kind from the garden and using it for organic ánd media applications.
We store the data of our long-term observations in the Open Green Database.
This relational database covers and reveals information on all elements of the Open Green rooftop gardens in numbers, text and images.Historical and current state of the gardens, goals of the project, people involved, sustainability factor. Permanent quadrat monitoring and poetic observations. It offers links to existing databases for further detailed information on plant- and animallife. It informs on data gathering and data treatment.
Go to the OpenGreens database; ex. the Edible Rooftop Garden

edible plants map