INTELLIGENT BEEHIVE 2.0 – sculpture with video

Title: INTELLIGENT BEEHIVE 2.0, metal movable construction, LCD screen with mediaplayer+sound, film Variation Games, Intelligent Beehive sculpture made from Bacterial Cellulose and Bioplastic, electronics, solar panel, camera; year start: 2017-2019; techniques: speculative project, sustainable beehive, cyanobacteria, biomaterials, honeybee behaviour observation

the Guerrilla Beehive 2.0 is a speculative project in which the sensors are powered by a cyanobacterial biofilm. The bacteria grow a dense biofilm on the outer shell of the sustainable beehive. The bees are scanning the health of the environment while foraging. When the bees return to their nest and land on the outer shell of the beehive with possible pollution- or pesticide particles transported in their fur, they activate the bacteria in the biofilm. If the pollution is trespassing a specific degree, the bacteria in the biofilm will change color and as such give an alert.

Intelligent Beehive 2.0 – Sculpture with video
sculpture: 175cm x 60cm x 60cm
video Variation Games: B/W, 21′