MICROBIAL ANCESTORS (Topography of a Second Skin, textile work, 2023)

Title: Microbial Ancestors (pink); year: 2023; materials: tapestry woven on Dornier Jacquard machine with a range of organic fibers; dimensions: 170cm x 225cm; realized with Marjan Van Oeffelt at TextielLab Tilburg (Nl)

Microbial Ancestors (Topography of a Sensorial Skin) -the pink tapestry- is a woven interpretation of a Sensorial Skin. Its topographic view visualizes the ecology of the symbiotic organism composed of Acetobacter xylinum bacteria and Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast cells and the several layers of cellulose woven by these bacteria to create the skin. The original Sensorial Skin -which was model to the woven interpretation- was grown in a culture of fresh hibiscus tea, giving the pink color to the skin. When translated into a textile medium, it results in a play of light shining through the lightly woven, multi-layered work, reminiscent of the multiple layers woven by bacteria. The artwork is realized on a computer-controlled, state-of-the-art Dornier Jacquard weaving machine at the TextielLab in Tilburg (Nl), with an array of organic fibers: linen, paper, polyester, elirex and cotton.

Microbial Ancestors (topography of a second skin), textile work with 7 different organic fibers, 225cm x 170cm, 2023
Installation view at ‘Second Nature, exhibition at 10N Menorca, June-August 2023