PLEASE TOUCH (objects, 2022)

Title: Please Touch; year: 2022; materials: Latex, natural pigments, hemp. Costumes for ‘a Bee is a Bee is a Bee’ performance

a Bee is a Bee is a Bee: a durational performance for the Palais the Tokyo, Paris. Commissioned by Vittoria Mataresse, in collaboration with Guerlain Paris and supported by CWB|Paris-hors-les-murs.
Annemarie Maes offers an immersive experience. With an artistic and scientific approach, she transforms the spaces of the Palais into a laboratory. The starting points are the research of two major scientists who have studied the world of bees: Karl Von Frisch and François Huber. Through a poetic narrative, the artist leads us into an animal world with a finely organised social structure. Anne Marie Maes creates a symphony of the five senses and she reveals to us the “dance of agitation”, the dance of the bees which determines the functioning of the colony.

Costumes made for the performance ‘a Bee is a Bee is a Bee’ at the Palais de Tokyo. Materials: cotton, latex, natural pigments, hemp hair.