name: Sensorial Skin, photograph, year start: 2016, year end: 2016, techniques: macro photography, prints on Hahnemühle paper, dimensios: 80cm x 80cm and 80cm x 56cm

Sensorial Skin is a series of macro photographs of microbial skins. The skins are grown by Acetobacter xylenum bacteria and yeast cells in a medium of green tea and sugar. The micro-organisms create a subtle biofilm on the growth medium. Once the film is harvested and dried, it feels like a second skin and it has the strength and impermedable properties of leather.

Sensorial Skin – BERL020516#1-8-STRAW – Archival Print, 80cm x 80cm – Framed (2016)
Sensorial Skin – BXL270916#3-5-VIN – Archival Print, 56cm x 80cm – Framed (2016)