name: TransparentBeehive_3-Channel video installation, project, year start: 2013, year end: 2015, techniques: working with living bee colonies, year-round observation, sensors, electronics, digital fabrication; Transparent Beehive, mixed media installations in the overlapping domain of art & science

The Transparent Beehive is a living sculpture in the form of an observation beehive made from plexiglass, wood, aluminium and steel. Inside is a living bee colony that has access to the outside world through a plexiglass pipe. The Transparent Beehive was installed for the first time on a Brussels rooftop connected to an urban garden laboratory and has since been shown in various art contexts. It has helped to produce a variety of art works including sound works, visual images, and bee artifacts.

Part#1, #2 and #3 of a 3-channel video presentation of the Transparent Beehive project.