TOTEM BEEHIVE – architecture, design

name: Totem Beehive, architecture object, year start: 2013, year end: 2013, techniques: CNC machine, laserprinter for grid, thanks to: Jon Minchin, Jonathan Reese, Fablab Barcelona

To monitor the bees in a non-intrusive way we are building Intelligent Beehives. These are hives that are augmented with sensors and sensory processing algorithms that analyse the quality of pollen and propolis as well as the behavior of the bees in order to monitor the state of the ecology in the surrounding areas. In a first research phase, the people’s hive of Abbé Warré was adapted to the grid of the Open Structures project. The new Warré-hives are a collaboration between OKNO Brussels, Fab Lab Barcelona and Sony Computer Science Lab in Paris. The Intelligent Warré Beehives are distributed in a European network, the data are available online and the creation of local biological Corridors can be consulted in realtime.

warre-totem02 warre-totem01