name: Closed Circuit#2, permanent interactive installation in public space, year start: 1999, year end: 2000, techniques: audio, video, sensors

Closed Circuit # 2 is a sound installation realized on behalf of the Ministry of the Flemish Community in the income hall of the Boudewijn Building in Brussels.
By analogy with the iconic image of the clocks in international offices or hotels -displaying the real time of important cities-, the installation presents the real time in the cities of New York, Brussels and Tokyo in the form of their own city sounds. Brussels (0 hours), New York (-6 hours), and Tokyo (+8 hours) give together a lapse of twenty-four hours. The sounds recorded on site are chronologically edited in a soundtrack of 24 hours. These audio tracks are audible at specific spots in the installation area (video projection), using three parabolic speakers.
On their journey to the offices the employees of the building activate an infra-red sensor, which allows the playback sound is heard. At the time when the person passes under the loudspeaker, he gets a shower of city noises and is transported to a different city, while still being physically present in Brussels. The person faces a different reality and disappears in a different time / space dimension, floating as an isolated bubble in the Brussels universe.
The soundscape models a constant evolution and releases emotions in the listener. Certain sounds evoke concrete images. and create a new sense of space.