name: No2Pho, interactive installation, year start: 2005, year end: 2006, techniques: audio sources, network of senders & receivers, max msp, synthetic speech, text Gertrude Stein – Continuus Present

Voice networks and machine aesthetics: a research into synthetic speech combining litterature and philosophical content. A physical network and a virtual network. People and voices. Wireless headphones and 12 spatialized soundsources. People walk their traject through physical (empty) space and as such localisation data are produced. Synthetic voices are generated and frequency and pitch are modulated by the variable parameters of localisation and orientation. The text can be physically crossed and experienced according to the own position. Voices are layered and mixed by movements and trajects through space.
Maxmbrola speech synthesizer: generates & manipulates phonetetic strings of text. Emulates intertwined phonological, prosodic and musical properties of speech.
Intertwined relationships of physical and virtual networks/parameters:
metric organisation; different pitchsets; tonal and timbral variations; cadential and accidental moments. -> to create a text/ soundart from which perceptual modes are: understanding of language / musical nature of language / linguistic nature of music / … all this out of combination of pysical action and machine aesthetics.

Installation/performance at Happy New Ears Festival, Kortrijk – Belgium and CCNOA Gallery, Brussels – Belgium
notovo keynote