writing TIKS

creative writing on collective basis, korcula seen in slow motion:
Location: croatia, korcula, grey area
Keywords: windclock, workshop, time inventors’ kabinet, TIK, screwing

Closeup of a hand making a bolt spin along a rod of metal. Glimpses of the transparent construction it is a part of. Hand screwing a nut on a tige, inside studio/workshop.
A black screen is followed by some compression errors in the video. Then we see a hand screwing down a nut on a rod, first with the index and middel fingers, then with support of the thumb. In the background we see a piece of clothing on a chair. Light falls in from the left. The nut descends into a clear plastic object, a WindClock in construction. The hand secures the nut. We hear people in a room, objects being moved.
We hear a dialogue:
Guy:“Great idea ????”
Barb:“Who had this great idea?”
Barb laughs.
Guy: “I know it sounds radical, to ?? data from the server”.
Barb laughs.
Ralf talks, unintelligible, a metal object falls.
Nut is screwing down.

    * here comes my code

An index finger is turning a bolt on a long stud. In the background there’s a coat lying on a chair. The location is a kind of workshop. There’ s a wooden table to the left..
The stud is attached to a transparant plastic holder. The holder has two horizontal screws through it. Hand moves very quickly making the stud tremble. People are talking in the background. The bolt is moving down, the hand is going down. A woman laughs. As the bolt reaches the end of the stud the thumb and ringfinger support the stud and the turning speeds up. The holder is swaying a little from left to right. The hand drives the bolt all down until it is inside the top of the plastic holder. The thumb is on the holder.

Hand is rolling on a long screw. Hand is nervous. There is a rythmic movement. Hand is rolling down a small bolt. 5 fingers show up. There are a table, a chair and some cables in the background. At the end of the long screw, a piece of plexi appears.
Various non-continuous handheld sound and image footage of people working together around a table in a room with laptops, tools, and various electronic parts while discussing what they are doing. Camera zooms in on details suchs as hands doing something, instruments being constructed and computerscreens, and rests at certain moments before moving on.

Hand screwing nut on a long screw (tige) to hold the acrylic form of a wind clock together.
Nut is continously screwing down by few fingers.
He lifts a plastic object in front of his head, he plays with moving parts which makes really interesting sound.
Guy lifts the windclock from his lap. He lifts it in front of his face, close to his mouth. He blows on a suspended transparent plastic part twice. He touches the part six times with his index finger. There’s a ticking noise. The part moves back and forth. He turns the windclock looking it from the side. His facial expression changes, his mouth moves. Taps the plastic part three times, it makes a clicking sound as it touches the perspex holder. Guy moves the suspended part with his finger without letting it fall against the plastic holder. Guy rubs his nose. There is a view of the table with pens, laptops and wires. The table has a wooden top. An arm with a hand moves the pens a few centimeters to the left on the table.

A man, approx. 50 years old and funny looking, lifts up a plastic object. It is covered with orange stickers. The man wears a black T-shirt. It contrasts with the dark red color of the brick wall. The man blows into the object and moves a loose plexi part with his index finger. He’s moving the flap quickly up and down and looks at it scrutinouosly from different sides, front and sidewards. An electrical wire is connected to the object. A darker strip shines through the plexi flap. The man eventually want to put the object on the table, but he first have to empty a part of the surface that is covered with small tools and cables. The man arranges the small tools in a neat line. He seems to be a maniac.
We see Guy in profile, looking critically at the WindClock, he blows the flap and moves it to test it and puts on a strange face. Then he reflects.

Overview of people working and discussing. Noisy.
Finishing the nut on the long screw, at the bottom of the acrylic wind clock, then turning it around, and testing the dynamic flap, person = guy
Guy + windclock – testing the functioning of the flap, critical look.. moving some tools on the table.
Arranging of tools situated on the table.
– Guy ordering some tools on the table in same position
– Overview of people in workshop/studio, someone is saying something technical in english (did he say semantic?).
Overview to table surronded by noisy discussing people. In the backround, there is a lot of mess.

Different people are around the table. A woman with a red shawl. 4 young man are looking at things. They are discussing. There are computers on the table, books in the background. They seem very concentrated. The table is a mess. On the foreground we see again a strange plastic object.
A young blond man in a black T-shirt is hanging around. He looks very relaxed (non-shaved) and is working on his computer, moving his mouse slowly back and forth. Other people are in the room, all are working , or it seems so.
Annemie working, looking at her computerscreen.

4 other guys working together, sitting and standing around the table filled with electronical and computer stuff.
– gert typing something on his computer (code?)
– isjtar sighing and looking back euhh
– barb sighing as well euhh
Black dressed men starts to talk and show something on the blackboard behind him. One moment later he tryes to explain the sketch on the sheet of paper fixed by piece of red tape.
A group discussing the production of the wind clocks and explaining each parts.

An electronic circuit on the paper in front of the blackboard, isjtar explaining the wiring from the sensor to the arduino.
Pictures of a blackboard followed by a drawing of a sensor with three cables, one for ground, one for 5v power and one for the arduino. The boy at the blackboard and a girl discusses where the cables should go. Followed by pictures the a girl with a laptop, of the table with equipment, fruit, waterbottle, installations. The girl and the boy at the blacboard discuss where the cables go.

Isjtar and Barb, the boy and girl….

One young man is explaining something to a young women. He points towards a blackboard, and she listens very carefully and follows his indications. Something is written on the blackboard.
The table is a mess. Water bottles, computers, boxes and tools, books and electrical devices fill the space.
The camera moves over the blackboard -we just can read ‘connecting’- and freezes on a diagram that says: voltage, 5v, GND and arduino. The diagram is drawn on a paper and stuck with red tape to the wall.
Further explanation by isjtar of how the potmeter is connected to the arduino with a resistor – barb is saying potmeter

The four people round the table discuss something while continuing to work on their individual computers. Strange objects fill the table.
The young man checks the blackboard once more. The camera stops on a metal object, an open square with a flat surface on the bottom. The object seems to be connected to the computer.
Barb and Isjtar talking again about which wires to connect to the 5V and other arduino pins, little panning bringing 2 other people into view = getr and annemie.

Isjtar and Barb still talk about the connections of the potmeter, camera shows getr’s other windmill model and a strange decorative lamp, in hte background a printer/scanner.
Isjtar and Barb still on and on about connecting the potmeter to the arduino, panning across the table showing a printed degrade on paper, some fruits, water bottle and packages, many computers in sight… some acryl shapes taped with orange wire.

The pomme granate, freshly picked from the neighbours tree.

Isjtar and Barb still discussing the wiring of a potmeter to the arduino, camera wandering further over the table showing tools, acrylic shapes, fruits, water, … Barb getting nervous, camera-conscience.

Numbers moving with movement of windclock, data appearing.

We see a narrow stonecovered street with stairs-steps and tall stonefences and bushes on both sides leading down to a village and a mountain in the background. Several young people are talking but we dont see tham. The camera pans abrubtly to the right and reveals in the opposite direction, a young woman sitting on the stone fence with a mac book. To pan continues across the narrow street reavealing more clearly the stairway with steps that become shorter and shorter the further from the camera and higher up they are. On the same level step as the camera, a step several meters deep, we see, in front of a door in a stone wall, a man sitting at a table in the stonepaved narrow road. In front of him there are papers and electronic equipment. Camera rests the pan here.

Outside in something that looks like a small stoneclad village with mountains in the background. After a 360 degrees pan reavealing a girl sitting on a stonefence, a stairclad road, a man at a table with electronics, a girl handing him some electronics while saying, I want to cut this, the camera passes her and moves toward a dooropening.

Michal on top with his head in the clouds, Ralf Schreiber solding wires and elements.

Inside. The camera moves around a room where several people are sitting and standing around a table. There is a blackboard in the background but we cannot see what stands on it. There are laptops and homemade electronics (looks like sensors and breadboards) on the table as well as waterbottles. Camera zoomz in on various elements. Music and talking in the sound.
Inside. The camera moves around a room where several people are sitting and standing around a table. There is a blackboard in the background but we cannot see what stands on it. There are laptops and homemade electronics (looks like sensors and breadboards) on the table as well as waterbottles. Camera zooms in on various elements. Music and talking in the sound. Towards the end, the camera rests at a boy in a gren tshirt who hold a transparent plastic thing in his hand while moving it back and forth.

Outside in the same narrow road scenario as before. We hear sound of children talking in a language I cant recognize. Several people and children around the table in the narrow road with the stairs. The children showing their home made electronics, made of shell and wire and other material, to the workshop people.
Then we see two men with laptops on the ground, discussing the signal while one of them is fingering with a plastic thing, the same translucent object we have seen earlier. We also see an old woman in a Rhododendron garden before the camera zooms out and reveals the whole scenario in the street with the table and the men with their laptops.

Korcula at sunset.