Can the creation of a rooftop garden be considered as an artproject?
I will formulate an aswer on this question later.
More and more people are living in the cities. We have to search for new modes of sustainable living, new ways of food production. Re-examine the link between the city as consumer and the countryside as provider. In this context, we are researching how to make a network of intensively cultivated city rooftopgardens where we can grow food for the neighbourhood.

With the greenhouse rooftop project we want to blend the natural and the digital in one and the same nature. We will explore how to set up a middle sized rooftopgarden (± 440m2) with recycled materials, and with the help of DIY digital tools we will study the biotic and abiotec elements of the rooftop ecosystem: the growth, blossoming and decay of plants while they are submitted to the natural elements as wind, rain, snow, etc.

The greenhouse rooftop garden is an extension of the yet existing edible rooftop garden. The 2 intensive rooftopgardens are situated on top of adjacent parking lots and are physically connected. The edible rooftop garden is specialised in mediterrean and medicinal plants, herbs and flowers – all with an important nectar/pollen value.
The greenhouse rooftop garden focuses mostly on fruits and vegetables. Both gardens are set up along the principles of permaculture. They both host several bee colonies, and are very friendly to other pollinating insects and birds.

In both gardens we work with recuperation of rainwater and we make our own compost. We will set up alternative energy systems with solarpanels to power the waterpumps. The beehives are monitored with custom-made, low cost technology.

moss garden - the future greenhouse rooftop garden moss garden - the future greenhouse rooftop garden - opposite direction moss garden - the future greenhouse rooftop garden - larger view first outlines for the greenhouse de winter groencompost arrives with the soil
7am, on the rooftop, with the work-spots of Nelis contractors to light us up brussels is wakening up ... the tools for the concreteform realisation are raised by the tower crane the tools for the concreteform realisation are raised by the tower crane big bags filled with soil and compost, waiting on streetlevel to be raised to the rooftop
some metal accessories to make the whole construction resistant to the future winds the first big bags arrive on the rooftop the compost is still hot and damp ecoveen, all soil is organic bigbag floating ...
and deposited on the rooftop edelcompost, another variety to make our own made-to-measure mixes of soil combinations Willy is outlining the dimensions of the greenhouse with some simple tools -ganite and thread- a project becomes alive some more measuring
some more measuring the blueprints, the first designs the last check the last check before starting to build the form good old moss - or what remains from it
10 m3 bigbags of soil and compost, waiting for the plant Willy, in charge of the greenhouse-base operation the men building with wood the construction to be filled with concrete damp and hot in the winter cold construction, ready to be filled with concrete
overview against the brussels backdrop detail of the construction, filled with concrete and this is the result when the wood is taken away and filled with soil ... now waiting for the glass greenhouse!