2019 – LE 46DIGITAL – Paris, France

A series of works made with cellulose skins.
There are cut-ups, geometrical works, experiments in combination with a range of organic materials, skins colored with vegetal dyes as avocado pits & peels, stinging nettles, eucalyptus bark, cochineal bugs or hibiscusflowers. Works in metal…


Disrupted Sensations (2019)
Assemblages with Microbial grown Skins, Algae, Fish Skins and bioplastics.
SEM Micrographs.
26cm x 26cm x 14, presented in blank steel lightboxes

‘Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive research’
Objects and 3D prints (2017-2019), each 13cm x 13cm x 13cm
Belonging to a series of 12 small sculptures, developed during the research of the IntelligentGuerrilla Beehive project.
The objects are presented in clear plexi boxes, each 13cm x 13cm x 13cm, on white sand. 
Materials: wax, latex, epoxy, bacteria, organic dyes, electronics, 3D printed PLA, seeds, aquarium sand.

Intelligent Guerrilla Beehive research: The Intelligent Guerilla Beehive is an artwork and a prototype for a speculative research project. It is a mobile shelter for swarming honeybees that combines in a radical way smart materials, biomimetic forms and biotechnology. The beehive is equipped with sensors to monitor the health status of the environment and that of the bees. Colonies of color-changing bacteria, living on the skin of the hive, act as biosensors. These small sculptures, belonging to a series of 12, were developed during the research of the IntelligentGuerrilla Beehive project.