Or how to spend your free time in summer. The pantry is loaden with the abundance of summer harvest. We are cooking, steaming, drying, freezing, potting and processing roots, fruits and vegetables in all different ways. We dry leaves for tea (fennel/leaves, vanille, liquorice, fennelseeds, bitter orange peel) and for making medicinal recipes.
further reading: how to preserve tomatoes? Preservation of vegetables in oil and vinegar: It is now a relatively common practice to bottle vegetables and herbs and spices in either oil, vinegar or a mixture of both. This is done both commercially and domestically and the products should be refrigerated below 4°C.
preservation in oil & vinegar and foodscience.

Things we made:
heerlijke vijgen/frambozen/braambessen confituur (08/10/2012), fennouil au vinaigre, rode bieten chutney, stadshoning, yohurt + honey & pumpkinseeds, veel verschillende pompoensoepen (met appel, applesien, curry, snijbiet, look, chillipepper, …), topinambour (jeruzalem artichoke), homegrown potatoes, leak, onion, garlic, ginger & cumin seeds, alle tomaten gerechten (ratatouille, chutneys, sauzen, soep, …), gedroogde tomaten, gedroogde vruchten (appel, braam, meloen, …), green figs with honey, carrot-pumpkin cake (Franziska), beetroot chocolate cake (Franziska), gratiné of young leak, swiss chard and potatoes (Fabrice).