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seeds and the city : a dive into brussels OpenGreens

Time Inventors’ Kabinet – eco.conference #05
On a different soil. Growth in art, society and culture
annemie maes – okno – brussels – (lecturer)
Praha – 9/10 november 2011

Seeds and the City: a dive into Brussels OpenGreens

The synonyms for an OpenGreen are many :
the experimental Hortus, the OpenAir Laboratorium, the Vivarium, the Kabinet of Wonders, the Meeting Place. But all OpenGreens are zones where culture and nature overlap, and where locals play with a diversity of solutions to make the city greener and their life more sustainable.
OPEN stands for openness, collectivity, experiment, bottom up, DIY, networks of creative people.
GREEN stands for nature, ecosystem, natural processes, biodiversity and biological clocks.
What experiments link urban farmers, city beekeepers, eco-artists, herbalists, mushroom raisers
and city foragers? What interests and actions do they have in common?

Seeds and the City : 10 actions to make your city greener
01. seedswap and seedbombing
02. urban foraging
03. create rooftop gardens
04. map edgelands, railroad tracks and other non-spaces
05. reclaim public space
06. grow your own mushrooms
07. set up technological gardens
08. start city bee monitoring
09. stay local : exchange and create with your own harvest
10. observe – collect – compare and create using the OpenGreens database

download the presentation:

DIY solar cooker workshop

the fun panel solar cooker cut the aluminium paper testing it out! setting up the cooker on okno's rooftop domes and cookers

calculation and cutting finished! second try solar cooking rice and vegetables so-on rooftop solar cooking

Thursday 24 july 10 women (and 3 man) gatered at okno to build solar cookers. It was a sunny day, luckily.
In 2 hours time we built 3 umbrella-cookers and 3 fun-panel/cookit cookers. We started some cooking tests around 4.30 pm. The sunmoved fast and we had to adjust the cookers all the time. Than came the wind and he blew our pots away. Finally we cooked a simple meal on okno’s electric plates.

For pictures, go the the photo-album page and select solar_cooking: brussels.
Sofie, Marthe, Shelbatra, Wendy, Billy, Tina, Sara, Christina, Audrey, Annemie, Wouter, Fabrice and Rene. Continue reading