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city honeybees at documenta 13 – kassel

GREEN CORRIDORS AS SOCIAL SCULPTURE is a new project by OKNO. It builts upon the researchdata which are gathered in the OpenGreens. During Documenta 13, the project will be introduced by Annemie Maes at a salon hosted by the Critical Art Ensemble.

The salon takes place sunday july 8 at 1pm, in a house at the far end of the Hauptbahnhof Kassel, close to the railway tracks. It discusses the theoretical bases and ecological and technological foundations of ecological corridors in the city and challenges us to think how corridors act as art works. It then looks at concrete examples of ongoing projects that are in the process of realizing the vision of corridors, particularly the Open Green project.

In the spirit of Joseph Beuys, this salon discusses how art can be relevant again for shaping society in positive ways, as opposed to catering to the speculative interests of a small circle of rich collectors. Concretely, we put forward ecological CORRIDORS in urban environments as a new medium of social sculpture, a Gesamtkunstwerk that relies on the creative participation of many. Corridors are ephemeral living structures in the form of green spaces connected through animal life (such as bee colonies). They are set up and maintained by urban communities to regenerate areas of the city, particularly areas which are subject to social and urban stress. Corridors are here seen as art works that contribute to social cohesion and sustainability by raising awareness and minimizing resource waste. Artists create the safe spaces that enable the disruptive activities required to make corridors and they make the internal structure and activities of corridors visible through visual and auditory representations.

WHERE: Documenta 13, Kassel – sunday july 8 at 1pm – salon hosted by Critical Art Ensemble, Hauptbahnhof Kassel.