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xmedk//okno session :: sustainable networks

The okno-session on sustainable networks spreads out over the totality of the xmedk-media ecologies week, from april 20 till april 25.
This workshop week at PAF, St.Erme/FR is the final touch of a month-long research into sustainable meshnetworks. It’s the cherry on the cake of a long research.

At the St.Erme/Okno studio we organise mini-workshops that cover following topics:
– setting up a mesh network with the asus-routers
– flashing the asus routers with linux (kamikaze)
– connecting arduino’s to the asus
– the choice of sensors and connecting them to the arduinos
– reading and interpreting the sensordata with python
– power the network with alternative energy:
– build a custommade windmill for the physical location
– integrate existing solarpanels
– run artistic projects on the sustainable network

pictures of the xmedk-st.erme-sessions in april 2008:
xmedk – day01, 2008
xmedk – day02, 2008
xmedk – day03, 2008
or you can download the pdf of the sustainable networks-report by clicking this link.

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