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notovo @ ccnoa

“… as I see it, poetry is not prose simply because poetry is in one way or another formalized. It is not poetry by reason of its content or ambiguity but by reason of its allowing musical elements [time, sound] to be introduced into the world of words.”
John Cage

[flashvideo filename=https://so-on.annemariemaes.net/streaming_media/video/notovo/ccnoa/ccnoa02.flv width=450 height=110 image=https://so-on.annemariemaes.net/streaming_media/video/notovo/ccnoa/ccnoa01.jpg /]
notovo phase#2
As a generative sound installation No2Pho plays with a connected set of elements. It is composed of dissonant synthetic voices, changing in real time from speech to sound.

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