2017 – FLAGS, GRIDS and SENSORIAL SKINS – sivazona/grey area, croatia

The exhibition at Siva Zona / Grey Area (Korcula) reveals a part of the artists’ long-term research towards the ultimate Intelligent Guerilla Beehive, a mobile shelter for homeless honeybees. This radically new device tackles a domain where human and non-human actors collaborate to maintain the resilience of an ecosystem in decline.
The project unfolds on the interstices of art and science, with a focus on issues as sustainability, biodiversity and smart materials research.
In her Laboratory for Form and Matter, AnneMarie Maes works with a range of biotic and abiotic elements. She presents her lab as open environment for experimentation, a space for contradiction, criticism and evaluation. She combines organic components such as vegetal matter, propolis and chitine, with living systems such as fungi and bacteria. Her micro-organisms grow biofabrics, and she researches how these fabrics can be enhanced and made useful through embedded electronics and how more sensorial qualities can be implemented in these membranes via living technology.
Navigating between blueprints and Proof of Concept, her objects can be classified as Future Archaeology: fragments of a Forgotten World as well as fragments of a World To Come.

curator: Darko Fritz
SivaZona/GreyArea Gallery, Korcula – Croatia
From August 4 to August 31, 2017, daily



Press Siva Zona / Grey Area Gallery Show: Flags, Grids and Sensorial Skins.
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