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free seeds for all !

Seed Sovereignity: International Days of Action, Brussels, 17-18 April 2011.
Tens of thousands of people throughout Europe are actively demanding that the right to produce seeds remains in the hands of small farmers and gardeners. A diversity of crops has nourished mankind for thousands of years. Seeds that we have inherited from past generations are the basis of life and are essential for food sovereignty.
more on: http://www.seed-sovereignty.org/EN/index.html

Video on the Navdanya Seedbank of Vandana Shiva:
and http://padma.okno.be/Vt332bqm/00:00:00.000-00:11:46.561

and Vandana Shiva on The Future of Food:

This video gives a summary of an interview I conducted with Vandana Shiva during the workshop and seminar ‘The Future of Food’ on the Navdanya-farm in Dehradun, India – early october 2008.

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Politics of Change – presentations in Damascus

Annemie Maes is invited by Ana Valdés (Maraya.org) to present the Politics of Change project in Damascus, Syria. Presentations (lectures and screenings) are scheduled at the Finnish Cultural Institute in Damascus.
The Finnish Institute in Damascus, maintained by the Foundation of the Finnish Institute in the Middle East, is an academic institute, which promotes, in particular, the research and teaching of the languages, cultures and religions of the Middle East. The institute focuses its operation on the Arab world and its fringe areas with high cultural and historical significance. It has permanent representatives in Syria and Egypt.

The institute’s main function is to organise academic courses, lectures and seminars for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as researchers. The aim is to promote widespread cooperation in the fields of education and research, and to improve intercultural dialogue.
The headquarters of the institute are located in a building in the Old Town of Damascus, a Unesco World Heritage site. The building has a seminar room, an exhibition hall, a reference library, and lodging facilities for visiting researchers and students.


Politics of Change was a gathering in Brussels during a 3-day workshop arranged by so-on and hosted by okno, both cultural organizations composed of several members engaged in different aspects of the artistic creation.
The call, made by the filmmaker and activist Annemie Maes, had different goals. One of them was to reflect on topics as gender and activism in the cultural field, another was the sharing of common technical tools to be used for sharing and spreading the word. One of the main issues we confront today as artists, thinkers and activists, is the fragmentation of our landscapes and the difficulty of access to mainstream media.

The artistic and cultural field remains a field where only a few actors achieve a mega status and become icons. Which strategy should be used to raise the number of multiplicators and create networks to get support and collaboration?
The participants in the workshop came from different fields, writers, students, filmmakers, anthropologists, journalists, visual artists, economists, researchers.
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the table kitchen – de tafelkeuken

Sinds september 2008 organiseert Globe Aroma kooksessies met de bewoners van het Klein Kasteeltje. Tijdens deze workshops vertelden dezen over de sociale en culturele gebruiken die met hun specifieke kook- en eetprocessen verbonden zijn.

Op 18/19 en 20 december werd het concept publiek opengesteld op de binnenkoer van het Klein Kasteeltje.
Daarvoor werd samen met de kunstenaars van Time Circus een multifunctionele tafel ontworpen, die enerzijds dienst doet als keuken, en anderzijds de gasten kan herbergen.
Je bent niet alleen wat je eet, maar ook wanneer, hoe en met wie je eet!



Technology is a valuable input for social transformation, but the most important force is human agency and creativity: the microlevel initiatives and everyday activities of real human beings.
In following interviews the Barefoot Solar Engineers talk about their visions, methods and sources of inspiration to shape their future and bring social transformation.
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street art – jasna dimitrovska


Street art is any art developed in public spaces.
The motivations and objectives that drive street artists are as varied as the artists themselves. There is a strong current of activism and subversion in urban art. Street art can be a powerful platform for reaching the public, and frequent themes include adbusting, subvertising and other culture jamming, the abolishment of private property and reclaiming the streets.