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name: Guerilla Beehive, sculpture (35cm x 30cm x30cm) scale model for def. cork Guerilla Beehive, year start: 2016, year end: 2016, techniques: highdensity foam, bio fabric, vacuum, 3D printing, electronics (solarpanel, camera, raspberry pi, cables)

The design of the Guerilla Beehive is inspired by nature. The content (± 40 liters) responds to the nest-needs of a bee colony living in the wild, and the mobile architecture makes it easily deployable on different spots in public space, hence its name: the Guerilla Beehive. Continue reading

2016 – THE RAW AND THE COOKED (TRANSMUTATIONS) – installation Berlin Wissenschaft Kolleg

With the installation The Raw and The Cooked, AnneMarie Maes researches the artistic possibilities of bioplastics. In her Laboratory for Form and Matter she studies the mechanisms by which nature operates and she investigates how she can use these processes to create her own organic materials. She experiments with a range of organic components and she measures their usability for potential art installations and design applications. Continue reading